Holiday Canna-Gifts For The MJ Mom or Sativa Sister On Your List

Seattle's BestThis year, MJ Mom has been good, very good. And even when I’ve been naughty, I’m still deserving of special treatment. After all, after raising a family and running a revolution, MJ Moms deserve pampering.

Now, those of you who know me know that I am partial to a midnight toke or two, and I’ve even been known on occasion to do a dab.  More often, however, these days my favorite Cannabis Concoctions are the ones that I put in my belly (can you say medibles, yum)  and especially during these long cold winter months — on my skin!  Yes, Cannabis-infused Topicals are amazing – soothing and therapeutic — and because I’m blessed to be able to live here in the enlightened Pacific Northwest, I have a wide selection of high-quality Cannabis Topicals available from great local companies to choose from.

This year, I am committed to giving all my best girlfriends canna-gifts. I love spreading the wonderful healing power of cannabis, while supporting local small businesses at the same time!

MJ Mom’s Xmas Wish List: Treat A Loved One. Treat Yourself.

Nana’s Secret: It’s not much of a secret, Nana adds a generous portent of “High Potency” cannabis to every edible and medible, natural soda and snack she offers.  I love her brownies, and her drizzled popcorn, but I must say my favorite cocktail these days is –Nana’s line of Natural Sodas.  For a special date night, I pour my soda over rocks and light the candles!  Made with real sugar, natural flavors and Nana’s special kick, you’ll be able to recognize Nana’s Secret by the bright pink label. Available in 10 retro flavors. Try the old fashioned Root Beer or creme soda over ice cream for a great dessert.


Cannabis Basics – Love Yourself Healing Oil. Premium Cannabis and Fertile Hempseed Oil. A magical blend of healing cannabis and hemp oil combined with essential oils of lavender and tangerine.  I like to use as aromatherapy, applying a few drops under my nose and upper lip – breath deeply for a rich, relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Love Yourself Oil

Sativa Valley Essentials – I’ve got a chap stick tube of Sativa Valley’s Canna Maxima in my purse or pocket at all times. Super healing topical analgesic made with Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, hempseed oil, and other oils and extracts. The active Cannabinoid Extract works better than anything on MJ Mom’s arthritis. I rub it on my knuckles and rub it in my skin for long-lasting relief.

sativa valley essentials


Green Cylinder Labs  — Great stocking stuffer: Universal Liniment for pain and skin with a convenient roll-on top, available in a variety of sizes. I keep the larger bottle in the bath, and a small bottle in the car glove box.  After a long walk, I find my feet really appreciate a nice liniment rub. Save the planet, refill your bottles at your favorite dispensary.


Kush Creams — I love the smell of Kush Cremes, and the cool smooth feel of the lotion on my skin. I use the Permafrost blend

(peppermint, cassia, cinnamon, menthol, cinnamon bark) on my elbows – powerful but pretty.

kush creams

So, my sisters in sativa, what are you waiting for? ‘Tis the season – get to shopping!

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